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Do you enjoy playing video keno? If you are like me then you do. I have been playing for a lot of years now and would like to share the secrets to my success with you. Winning jackpots has become second nature to me. Now I want to let you experience that same thrill that I receive when people gather around your machine to see what you have hit. Please let me share my story with you and see you on the casino floor.
First, I am not a Professional Gambler by trade, and I don’t claim to be.
I have though made a decent living by playing keno machines. I play anywhere from 2 to 4 times every week, and that just depends on my winnings. I have not worked at a regular job in years.

I started playing Keno a few years back, in Reno. While moving around and looking for slot machines to play, I came across the Video Keno machines right as this lady had hit 8 spots out of eight and won $5000 on a quarter machine, and only playing fifty cents a game.
So then, I sat down and began to talk to her for nearly an hour and then I sat down and played next to her. I watched her hit 7 out of 8 twice for $835 each time. Then as you can guess, I spent almost $200 and did not win a darn thing! Well that was the time I had learned that all keno machines are not the same. Some are programmed to pay more often than others.
Later that month I traveled to Atlantic City and dropped $200 in a quarter Video Keno machine before I finally wised up and moved to another. Playing the same pattern, I finally hit 8 out of 9 for over $1000 bucks! Finally, I became a winner. It is possible to earn a living playing keno and saying goodbye to the 9 to 5 work. Believe it or not there is a pattern to playing keno.

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